ETSU hosts ice bucket challenge for ALS research

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JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — East Tennessee State University (ETSU) held an ice bucket challenge on Tuesday to raise funds for ALS research.

"This is the ten-year anniversary of the Ice Bucket Challenge," Clinic Coordinator for Gary Sheely ALS Clinic/ETSU Professor Courtney Andrews said. "This challenge was started in 2014 by three young men living with ALS. They started the challenge to raise awareness and money for ALS. And so basically you dump ice water on yourselves or [have] someone dump it on you and then you challenge another group to do it."

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The Gary Sheely ALS Clinic at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) was challenged by the ALS Clinic at the University of Tennessee.

Andrews said she encourages people to get involved and learn about ALS.

"I encourage people to get involved, learn about ALS, see how you can help out, donate money if you can donate time, and just continue to increase awareness about this disease," Andrews said.

The clinic challenged the ETSU Dean's Office for the College of Health Sciences to be the next to participate.

"It's considered a rare disease, but it's...

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