The Internet has broken down the barriers between people and information, effectively democratizing access to human knowledge. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of news.
At REPORTER 24 NEWS we believe that more information means more choice, more freedom, and ultimately more power for people. 

REPORTER 24 NEWS is our attempt to connect users with as much news as possible that is of interest to them. That means displaying the most important information on our front page, so users don't have to wander to get to it.

By connecting thousands of people with news from all relevant media in the United States,  REPORTER 24 NEWS makes it much easier for its users to follow current events from different perspectives, and to search for more information on issues that are of interest to them.

The key to this project is respect for copyright.  REPORTER 24 NEWS never shows more than the headline, a fragment, and a small picture of the news. If people want to read the whole news story, they should click on the read more link which takes them to the original website where they can read the whole news story.  REPORTER 24 NEWS is similar to the Google search engine in which all information published on the Internet is collected, an index is created of that data, and served through a simple web interface.

Our goal is to provide users with relevant and objective results, which is why we select our top news automatically, with a computer algorithm, without human intervention.

We believe that such news aggregators are of real benefit to news sources as well, as aggregators drive internet traffic to their sites. By collecting news from multiple sources in one place, REPORTER 24 NEWS makes reading news more accessible and interesting, encourages people to read more, and benefits the publishing industry as a whole.

How does Reporter 24 News work?

REPORTER 24 NEWS  organizes the news so that news from different sources about the same event appears in one group. We call this a "cluster."

This approach groups headlines from different sources together, providing users with different perspectives on an event. By clicking on the link "related news" you can see all published news about the given event.

Publishers often ask us how we decide which cluster and which type of news should appear on the INFO 24 home page.

The short answer would be: We don't decide.

The headlines on the REPORTER 24 NEWS homepage are selected entirely by a computer formula, based on a number of factors, including how often and on which sites the story appears. Essentially, we count the number of original articles published by editors to determine the size of such a story, which is also weighted based on how recent the story is.

Let's say, for example, that in a period of one-hour REPORTER  24 NEWS registered a cluster of two pieces of news about a sumo match in Japan, but also a collection about In January, the US added 517,000 jobs, well-exceeding expectations. appears, which has 20 news. The algorithm detects that it is more extensive and gives the opinion that the second cluster has a higher priority.

REPORTER 24 NEWS has no editors, no journalists, and no staff who write or review news. REPORTER 24 NEWS does not create headlines or any other part of an article. The entire process is automated and run by a computer. From reading the news, analyzing it, grouping it, and determining the TOP NEWS to displaying it. There is no human intervention in the whole process !!!.

If a news source deletes an article from its website, or the news source does not work at all for a certain period, you will receive an error after clicking on the REPORTER 24 NEWS link. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please be assured that we are working to improve our technology. In the meantime, we encourage you to search for news on the same topic by reading related news from the same cluster.

REPORTER 24 NEWS is compiled exclusively by computer algorithms. As a result, you may occasionally see an image appear out of context. We are constantly working on improving our automatic image selection algorithms.

Also, any errors in the texts that appear on INFO 24 are the responsibility of the sources, even if the source corrects the error on its site. (we download news most of the time only once and then continue to download new news.)


REPORTER 24 NEWS is a free product designed (software). The news display is inspired by

REPORTER 24 NEWS is continuously in the development phase. Any idea, note, or comment is welcome.

REPORTER 24 NEWS does not use any commercial or free software.