‘UnPrisoned’ puts functional in dysfunctional family

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Tracy McMillan has been a writer on some of the best television programs ever produced ranging from “Mad Men” to “United States of Tara.” She gets to use those skills on her own series as the executive producer and creator of the Hulu series “UnPrisoned.”

What she has created is a multi-level family drama swirling around the very dysfunctional Alexander family. Paige’s (Kerry Washington) therapy practice is in trouble while her son’s (Faly Rakotohavana) anxiety is through the roof. The catalyst is her father, Edwin (Delroy Lindo) who is still figuring out how to get his life together outside of prison.

The second season of “Unprisoned” will launch July 17 on Hulu. That’s when the Alexanders turn to a “family radical healing coach,” who throws out all the rules to free them of the issues, old wounds and family secrets holding them back.

While it is difficult to think of the drama without hearing the voices of Washington, Lindo or Rakotohavana, McMillan didn’t have them in mind when she was writing the first script.

“What I heard was the characters saying their experience and their thoughts, their feelings. Their hopes, their dreams, their fears,” McMillan says. “It is interesting when you are writing because I feel like there is a certain amount of writing where you are just taking dictation.

“That’s what happens in that process. You see it and you write it down.”

The process changes for McMillan once the actors ar...

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