BARK launches first airline tailored for dogs

1 month ago 22

BARK, Inc., the company behind BarkBox, has introduced BARK Air, the world’s first air travel experience designed specifically for dogs, allowing them to travel comfortably alongside their human companions.

Starting Thursday, BARK Air will offer premium flights for dogs and their owners, beginning with routes from New York to Los Angeles and London. The service wants to bring awareness to the challenges dog owners face when traveling long distances and provide a stress-free alternative to traditional air travel where dogs often endure cramped or unsafe conditions.

BARK Air’s comprehensive dog-first experience includes a pre-boarding lounge, calming pheromones, noise-cancelling ear muffs, and an assortment of BARK-branded treats. The service costs $8,000 for a one-way international flight and $6,000 for a domestic one-way flight.

“We believe this initiative will raise awareness of BARK’s mission in a cost-effective manner,” said Zahir Ibrahim, Chief Financial Officer at BARK, in a Read Entire Article