House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels seeks congressional seat

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Democrat Anthony Daniels is the Alabama House Minority Leader. In a statehouse dominated by Republicans, he says he has found a way to be an effective legislator. 

“You’ll find whether Democrat or Republican, they’ll tell you if I give you my word, it's going to happen the way I say it's going to happen,” said Daniels. “You can take it to the bank.’

Daniels says his ability to work across the aisle is a major reason that voters of new District 2 should send him to Congress.

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I haven't just talked the talk, I've walked the walk,” he said. “Most of the legislation I've passed has had 80-percent bipartisan support.

And so you've got to send someone to Washington DC who knows how to operate in difficult circumstances. If I’m able to operate as the super minority leader in Montgomery, imagine what I’ll be able to bring to this district if I’m in the majority, or if the numbers are quite close.”

Daniels was raised in Bullock County, which is a part of District 2. He is a former teacher and now lives in Huntsville.

Daniels says...

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