Midland Animal Services reaches capacity again

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Editor's Note: The video above first aired on June 12.

MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Midland Animal Shelter has reached capacity, again, weeks after more than 100 animals were rescued amid a distemper outbreak.

"The news is a punch in the gut for those of us calling for responsible pet ownership in our community. Remember, it was just two months ago that local nonprofits came to the air of Midland Animal Services and more than 140 dogs with a fostering effort for the ages," shelter officials said in an op-ed.

As of Friday, 150 dogs and 100 cats were awaiting adoption.

Shelter officials have called on the community once again to help combat the issue.

"We call on compassionate Midlanders to save the lives of nearly 250 animals in need of loving homes. Again, we call on our community to act with a sense of urgency. Yes, this call to action is likely to frustrate many, but the saving of lives requires another fostering/adoption effort for the ages," the group continued.

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The group offered several ways in which the community can help:

  • Adopt: Visit Midland Animal Services and meet our won...
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