10 Best High-Intensity Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

1 month ago 17

When you're working your way toward your goal weight, curating just the right, sustainable fitness program is essential. It's all about selecting an ideal variety of exercises, being consistent with your efforts, and challenging your body. To help you get moving in the right direction, we spoke with Josh York, the founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, who shares 10 of his best high-intensity cardio exercises for weight loss.

"High-intensity cardio is the most effective way to lose weight," York tells us."People don't realize that while steady-state cardio is good for you, you need to be pushing your body, building up a sweat, and challenging muscles you don't always use. While it is good to keep some things consistent like your routine, it's good to mix things up in terms of the specific exercises you are doing."

However, keep in mind that establishing balance is everything. Performing both cardio and strengt...

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